Studies and martial arts. Tired of hurrying to pick the kids up from school, of preparing snacks, helping them do their homework, taking them to their physical activity?


The “ParascoDojo” program promotes the balance between education and physical activity. We are to pick your kids up from school to transport them to St-Leonard Martial Arts Academy, our school.

Once in the Academy they will have a period of time to work on their school assignments while supervised by a qualified tutor, who is to help your children when needed, and will certify they have successfully executed their homework.

Afterwards, your children are to receive a complet training in martial arts that will shape both their mind and body. This program will allow you to fully enjoy your evenings and supers with your family.

Monday to Friday 15h30 – 18h00

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''My daughter is 8 years old and has been doing the Junior Taekwondo Program for 2 years now. Her attitude, focus and school grades have improved so much since. I also started the Kickboxing Program and feel great ever since, i have so much more energy.''
Nora Rubio