Junior Taekwondo 6 to 11 years old


Interactive and fun classes where values and ethics take as much place as the sport and techniques of defense. This programs are built so as to keep the kids highly motivated with specific goals and rewards in a short, medium and long term.

Concentration: In order to be alert, to strive in home chores and homework.

Confidence in themselves: In order to take their own place and to not get intimidated.

Perseverance: In order to reach their goals and to not quit when facing problems.

Self-discipline: In order to study, do their homework and develop a sense of responsibility.

Respect: In order to inculcate politeness and the sense of values.

Your children train in our academy for the championship of life.

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''My daughter is 8 years old and has been doing the Junior Taekwondo Program for 2 years now. Her attitude, focus and school grades have improved so much since. I also started the Kickboxing Program and feel great ever since, i have so much more energy.''
Nora Rubio